To be hired by BIOREX as an at-sea fisheries observer
and remain at this position, a person must meet
the mandatory qualifications specified below

 canadian citizenship or permanent resident/landed immigrant status;

 successful completion of secondary education;

 fluency in French or English depending on the deployment area;

 valid driving license and passport;

 not holding a commercial fishing license, aquaculture license/lease or fisher registration;

 successful completion of the Certification Training Course (provided by BIOREX-DFO during
   the recruitment process);

 successful completion of the National At-sea Observer Certification Examination
   (administered by the DFO during the recruitment process);

 first Aid, Marine Emergency Duties and VHF Marine Restricted Operator certifications
   (provided during the recruitment process);

 security Clearance at the Enhanced Reliability - Level 1
   (provided by Public Work and Government Services Canada during the recruitment process);

 satisfactory health and physical condition for work at sea;

 compliance with At-sea Fisheries Observer Code of Conduct;

 availability on a full-time basis for deployments during the fishing season (April to November);

 reside near deployment base during the fishing season (April to November).